Editorial Review Policy

The reviews will be presented to the Editorial Committee to inform decisions on editorial appointments. The first review also provides key information in order to determine whether or not to reappoint the Editor for a second term, should he or she desire it. Another important function of the reviews is to provide useful feedback to the editors. The review should seek anonymous input from outside parties. It is encouraged to use the standard academic review as a model.

Editorial Committee


The E-Club board members expressed the opinion that there should be a periodic review of the editors of the International Journal of Contemporary Business and Entrepreneurship. The Editorial Committee was put in place to fulfill that requirement.


Selection of a shortlist of IJCBE editor candidates for appointment. The Editorial Committee may also be convened as needed to review of the editorial team, or to advise on important editorial issues as they arise such as replication or other general editorial policy questions.


Three current E-Club board members and three non-board members.