Vol. III (2022), No. 1

Thomas Kapp
BBH – Bavarian Business Hub, Germany  

Professional paper
DOI:  https://doi.org/10.47954/ijcbe.3.1.2
JEL Classification: L21, L26, M12, M53


Everybody is striving for success. There are many advisors, manuals, guidebooks and seminars which teach us techniques and tricks what to do and what not to do in our search for success. Opposed to that we will move in this article to a meta level at which we will address two fundamental elements of success: What are you dreams?
And what do you do for reaching them? If we cannot answer to these questions, we will have problems to be successful. Why? First, because success is individual, and it cannot be generalized. Success is based on personal dream and desire. Second, even if we have an idea about our dreams: How should we succeed if we are unable to implement our dreams in reality? Although these aspects sound pretty simple, many people have not even raised these questions. This article tries to motivate you to consider these questions and to get started on your way to success.

Key words: success, goals; implementation; trial and error; being a hero

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